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LeBron James wins 2013 NBA MVP Award

Mon, May 6 2013

 For the forth time in the past five years, Miami Heat superstar NBA player LeBron James won the MVP award. The 2013 MVP award also marked the second consecutive year LeBron wins the coveted recognition. According to the votes, the Miami Heat basketball player managed to snag 120 1st-place votes of the 121 available, one short of being unanimously voted in for the 2013 MVP Award. LeBron James got only one 2nd-place vote and while unknown who was the lone voter giving 1st-place to Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, the 2013 MVP is the second time a player is one vote short of unanimous decision, Shaq finding himself in the similar situation for his 2000 NBA MVP recognition. "It's probably a writer out of New York that didn't give me the vote. I know the history between the Heat and the Knicks. So I get it," LeBron James commented during the ceremony.

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